Everything You Must Know About Managing Your Online Reputation



In this current generation ones business online reputation is very important to be taken cared of properly. It is now a necessity to consider how potential customers will see you online.

I. Introduction

Why is Your Online Reputation Important?

It must be mentioned here regarding the difference between managing customers’ feedback regarding ones business from twenty years ago and the present times.

1.Managing online reputation 20 years ago-through word of mouth

2.Managing online reputation at present times

People will still be talking

One can connect to the whole world due to vast coverage and audiences through online sites

II.  Assessing your Online Reputation

A. What are the influences of online reputation?

  1. 1. Organic Searches- this is in a form queries posted by any person every now and then in different search engines

2. Social Media-keep updated with all the social media sites

B. Steps in assessing online reputation

1. Make yourself unknown

2. Start looking

3. Monitor social media mentions

4. Analyze and evaluate your findings