Ten Most Common Online Reputation Problem

  1. Mistrust within Industry-issues on professional organizations that will not and do not respect your business
  2. Scandals within the Company-disputes and unresolved issues of the company that has been open or become known in the public
  3. Personal Scandals- company staffs or officers with personal issues that are negative for the eyes of the public which can cause resentments of potential buyers of the product
  4. Hate Sites- sites created by and individual or group of people that will cause trouble to the business especially the business’ reputation
  5. Competition Attacks-competitors who are threaten with the presence of your product and develop their dummy sites to potentially attack your business
  6. Complaint Sites- websites started by third parties that encourage customers to leave reviews and testimonials about your products and services
  7. Bad Press-negative new stories that can ruin the reputation of the company
  8. False Information-information that are incorrect since it is provided by hoax individuals and not from a reputable source
  9. Squatters- known as doppelgangers, individuals who pretended to be you and set up a social media profiles and websites under your company’s name
  10. Trademark Infringement – inappropriate usage of the name of your product